Home Inspections | What Are Mobile Home Tie-Downs and Why Are They Needed?


Mobile homes are a popular choice for many people who are looking to save money or live with a smaller environmental footprint. Mobile homes can also be a great secondary home in a warmer climate. Since the cost to purchase is lower, it is often possible that people can live in two or more locations throughout the year.


Florida is a very popular location for mobile homes, especially to escape the cold winters of the northern states. One thing to note about mobile homes is that they do not have a foundation that permanently secures them to the ground, like a traditional home. Because of this, mobile homes are much more susceptible to strong winds, storms and hurricanes. Strong winds can cause severe damage to an unsecured mobile home and even be dangerous for the occupants.


To make sure that mobile homes are a safer place to live, Florida has established certain laws regarding how a mobile home must be secured. Since Hurricane Andrew in 1990, Tie-downs are required to be placed a minimum of 5-6 feet apart to secure all mobile homes in Florida. Tie-downs are anchors that connect to the mobile home and the ground to provide a temporary foundation. This gives more protection against high winds and storms that Florida and the Tampa area are often susceptible to. Mobile homes are also zoned for certain areas. The zoning requirements indicate how many tie-downs are required and how far apart they are to be placed.


If you are looking to purchase a mobile home in Tampa it is best to get a mobile home inspection. The mobile home inspection can tell you if the home is properly tied down and located in the proper Tampa zoning location. This information is key to make sure that you do not overpay for your home and to make sure that your new home is properly secured.


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