Expired Permits Hillsborough County |  Top 3 Reasons You Might Have an Expired Permit in Hillsborough County


An expired permit is something that many homeowners in Hillsborough County are living with but may not realize until they try to sell their home. If you have ever hired a contractor and remodeled portions of your home or property, you could be living with an expired permit. An expired permit can really delay the process when you attempt to sell your home. Here are the top 3 reasons that a permit may have been left to expire.


Work Was Not Completed as Planned

It is possible that a plan was drawn up to complete a remodel but was never finished as it was designed. If this were the case, then the contractor did not bother finalizing the paperwork because it would have shown that the work was not performed as planned.


Corners Were Cut

Another possible reason you have an expired permit on your home in Hillsborough County is that your contractor did not perform the work correctly. They may have cut corners by using inferior repairs or products. They likely did not complete the permit process because then their shoddy work would be exposed.


The Proper Paperwork Was Simply Not Filed

It is also possible that your contractor just did not follow through with the paperwork aspect of the repairs. They may have completed quality work and followed all codes but just slacked on getting the proper inspections and filing the paperwork upon completion.


If you find your home in Hillsborough County has an expired permit, you should contact Beryl Engineering and Inspection. The professionals at Beryl can inspect your remodel and let you know if the work was all performed properly. If not, they can recommend options on how to take care of the situation. If it is a matter of the proper paperwork not being filed, Beryl can help provide you with a permit letter that can be taken to the Hillsborough County Permitting Department. From there you can work to get your expired permit closed out and proceed with the sale of your home.