Expired Permits Hillsborough County | How to Handle an Expired Permit


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Being a homeowner is a great responsibility. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will probably ever make and you want to make sure that you stay on top of its maintenance. To do this you will probably hire numerous contractors over the course of your lifetime. The contractors could be adding an addition to your home, installing a swimming pool or even doing a kitchen remodel. Even if you researched the most qualified contractor and the repairs seemed to have gone well, it is possible that you might have an unexpected issue that continues to linger after the remodel is completed.


If a contractor does not complete the proper paperwork, you, the homeowner, can be left with an expired permit to deal with. An expired permit occurs when the contractor does not finalize the repairs with the proper authorities. An expired permit in Hillsborough County can cause you not to be able to sell your house, so it is very important to get the issue taken care of.


What steps do you need to take if you have an expired permit in Hillsborough County?

To close the permit, you will need to obtain a letter showing that all of the work was performed correctly and completely.

Your best option would be to contact the professionals at Beryl Engineering and Inspection. Beryl will assess the repairs for quality, take photographs to document their findings and develop a permit letter that can be taken to the Hillsborough County Permitting Department to close out the expired permit.

Beryl’s inspector’s make sure that they follow the code that to help resolve all expired permit issues in Hillsborough County. Subsequently, If you want to sell your home you do not have to worry about the dark cloud of an expired permit. Give Beryl a call today and set up your appointment!