Mobile Home Inspection | Mobile Homes in Florida. What is A Tie Down Inspection?

Home Inspector Tampa | Mobile homes are a popular home choice because of their affordability and often smaller environmental footprint. The price of a mobile home can often be significantly lower than a standard home. This allows the homeowner potential financial freedom that someone with a large mortgage might not have.

Mobile homes or manufactured homes do have their own vulnerability though that needs to be taken into consideration. High winds and hurricanes can have adverse effects on homes that are not properly secured. Mobile and manufactured homes are often not secured to the ground as a standard home would be. Florida law and HUD require that mobile homes be properly tied down to avoid movement during high winds.

Mobile home tie downs are anchors or straps that are strong enough to keep the home secure during high winds. A certain number of tie downs are required, and they are required to be spaced a specific distance apart. After Hurricane Andrew ripped through Florida in 1994, requirements for mobile homes became much stricter. Since then tie downs need to be between 5-6 feet apart at the maximum.

Tie Down Inspection

A tie-down mobile home inspection is required for FHA and VA financing. The tie down mobile home inspection is an assessment to make sure that the proper tie downs have been installed. The tie downs need to meet FHA and HUD regulations. Regulations vary from a single-wide to doublewide mobile homes, so it is important that the company doing the inspection is up to date on the latest guidelines.

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