Expired Permits Hillsborough County | How Do I Have an Expired Permit?

Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Having an expired permit on your property is a far more common occurrence than many people realize. If you have ever done any major renovations to your home or property, your contractor would have needed to get a permit to legally begin working. The permit would approve the proposed repairs/renovations. Most homeowners do not concern themselves with the permit process. A reputable contractor typically takes on the responsibility of obtaining the permit and the follow through.


Many times, the permit is obtained properly but the steps are not taken to properly close out the permit when the work is finished. Periodic inspections need to occur at certain points throughout renovations and a final inspection takes place to make sure that all the work was completed thoroughly and properly. Some contractors may not proceed with all the proper inspections or final inspection because of shortcuts taken during the remodel process. This is a very bad scenario. It means that you paid for complete repairs but that is not what you got. With the permit still open, or worse expired, you do not have the final approval that the work was done to the correct standards.


What to Do About an Expired Permit in Hillsborough County

If you find out you have an expired permit in Hillsborough County your first call should be to Beryl Project Engineering and Inspection. Beryl can review your expired or open permit paperwork and then come to your home or property to review the renovations that were made. Beryl will be able to determine if they were performed properly or if there is a specific reason that the permit was not closed out. Once this has been determined, Beryl will work to provide you with a permit closure letter. This letter can then be taken to the Hillsborough County Permitting Department so that you can work towards getting your expired permit in Hillsborough County closed.