Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Don’t Have an Expired Permit

Expired Permits Hillsborough | Selling your home can be a stressful time for your family. Common worries about getting your house ready for market include: making minor repairs, cleaning and painting. These tasks can be very time consuming and just add to your already busy schedule. While it is true that these are all important areas to consider when selling your home, there is another area that you need to put on your checklist that may not be quite as obvious. If you have ever done improvements to your house such as replacing your roof or adding a swimming pool, it is possible that you could be living with an open or expired permit. An expired permit indicates that the proper paperwork was never filed after the completion of your renovation project. An expired permit can really throw a wrench into your plans when you are trying to sell because it can act show up on a municipal lien search as a lien against your house.


Expired Permits in Hillsborough County Require a Permit Letter

If you find out you have an expired permit in Hillsborough County, some extra steps need to take place before you can sell your home. The first step coming up with a plan to close out the open or expired permit. Luckily, there is a company that can help to resolve this situation. The professionals at Beryl Project Engineering can inspect your home to ensure verify that that previous work was performed up to the Florida Building Code standards. Beryl will take photographs and keep them on file if the expired permit were ever to come in question again. They will then formulate a permit letter to acknowledge that all repairs were completed correctly and completely. For Hillsborough County Permitting Department, where your permit can be officially closed.

Finding out if you have an expired permit in Hillsborough County is the first step in making sure you don’t have any hiccups when trying to sell your house. If you do have an expired permit just contact Beryl today and let their professionals help you through this process.