FHA Certified Home Inspectors | I Already Know This House is Going to Need a Ton of Renovations! Do I Really Need a Home Inspection? If so, is a 203k Inspection Best?

When purchasing a new “project” home for investment or for yourself personally, the last thing anyone wants to do is add expenses that are not completely necessary. There are some areas that you can save money and still end up with a quality result. Skipping a proper home inspection is not one of those areas. If you skip the home inspection, it’s like charging forward with blinders on.

A proper home inspection should be the infrastructure for your entire home buying and renovation process. The home inspection gives you a blueprint of all the challenges that you might face before committing to purchase. A doctor would not start a major operation before first reviewing x-rays or a CT scan. These give the doctor more knowledge and allow him to come up with an accurate game plan. A proper home inspection gives you the same piece of mind.

Why a 203k Inspection?

Since we have already established that you are considering purchasing a fixer-upper, it is safe to say that you will need funds above and beyond the actual list price of the home. Not having a hefty bank account should not stop you from creating the home of your dreams.

FHA offers the Streamlined 203k loan for homes that require additional funds for renovations. This streamlined program is much easier than the Full 203k program and can be a lifesaver for your new home project. With the Streamlined 203k loan available you no longer can use the excuse that you “just don’t have the money.”

To utilize the Streamlined 203k loan, a qualified 203k inspection from a quality consultant is vital. If you are in the Tampa area, Beryl Project Engineering can fill the consultant role and provide you with a seamless inspection, while giving you the peace of mind that you are making the right home purchasing decision. Beryl has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and has flexible scheduling including evening and weekends. Give Beryl a call today 813-616-3301 or visit berylprojectengineering.com for more information. Call TODAY!