Home Inspection | Most homeowners understand that a thorough a home inspection is a routine part of the selling process. More importantly, home inspections are often mandated in many scenarios. Before calling in a qualified home inspector, you should prepare your house by doing the following.

Assess and Repair the Exterior
Any competent home inspector will carefully scrutinize the outer shell of a residence to check for problems like leaks and wood rot. Making sure that the siding and roof is tightly sealed is incredibly important.

Clean Up the Interior Clutter
A home inspector can complete an inspection a lot faster if furniture doesn’t have to be moved out of the way. Make sure that home inspectors have easy access to the HVAC hardware and the water heater at a very minimum.

Identify and Repair Plumbing Issues
Home inspectors are specifically trained to look at leaking pipes and pooling water as serious hazards. Make sure that pipes aren’t sweating or leaking and fix any issues before the experts arrive to look at the infrastructure.

Give the Wiring a Thorough Checkup
Glaring electrical issues are a sure-fire way to get bad marks at the end of a careful home inspection. At a minimum, use a continuity tester to make sure that every outlet delivers reliable power. If a potential issue arises, have an electrician fix it before the inspector comes.

Keep Repair Receipts Handy
In many cases, the inspector that’s going through a home with a fine-toothed comb wants to see invoices for any recent repairs. Having receipts for any repairs performed in the last few years will make a home inspection go far more smoothly.

Finding the Right Inspector for the Job
Ultimately, a good home inspector isn’t hard to locate. Save yourself some time and money by opting for an inspector that’s familiar with 203k loans and FHA regulations. By doing so, you’ll get the best overall outcome in the end.

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