Home Inspector | They don’t teach you about buying or selling your home in school. Where can you turn for guidance? Your home inspector may be one of the best sources of accurate information.

If you’ve been following our other blogs, then you already know that booking a home inspection is essential. Now here are some of the questions you ought to pose to your FHA home inspector or 203k consultant.

Can I See Your License?
Becoming a home inspector is about more than just being attentive to fine details. All inspectors are legally required to carry their IDs. Verifying that your inspector is compliant helps you make sure that they’ll perform a more accurate assessment.

How Old Are the Building Materials?
Knowing a home’s age only reveals general information. Go further by asking your inspector about the newness and physical conditions of elements; like sewer clean-out caps, piping, wiring, breaker panels, major appliances, and roofing materials. These details can help you learn if the property’s history includes troubles that the seller might not disclose, such as events that made replacements necessary.

How Do Systems Work?
Asking a home inspector how things like HVAC systems are supposed to work is a great way to get to know your new home. It can also help you distinguish between components that are operating properly and those that fall short.

How Bad Is the Problem, and Who Should Fix It?
Good home inspectors are always willing to clarify things, so don’t be too shy to request additional details about the problems they observe. We are prohibited from from offering bids on deficiencies that need improvements, but we’re great sources of insight when it comes to determining the exact nature of an issue and how to correct it. You could even save a pretty penny on repairs by knowing what repairs to ask for.

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