Home Inspector | The decreasing temperatures of the winter months will force homeowners to pay more on their energy bill than they do throughout the rest of the year. Most homeowners don’t know how to address the issue.

Those who want to overcome the problem and safeguard their budget can reach their goal by winterizing their homes, and doing so is not as hard as some homeowners think. Our 203k consultants have put this guide together to help everyone stay warm and comfortable over the winter without spending more than needed.

Change Furnace Filters
When people use their furnace to heat their home each day, the filter will become clogged and must be replaced every month. A clogged filter causes the furnace to work much harder to push warm air through the vents, resulting in wasted energy and increased heating bills. Taking some time to inspect and change filters can go a long way for those who want to cut their expenses.

Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse
The way that people use ceiling fans will impact the amount of money that they will pay to heat their homes throughout the winter months. Fans that rotate clockwise will push air down and disperse the heat, which creates a cooling effect. When people try to heat the rooms in their home, the hot air will rise to the ceiling and force the cold air to the floor.

People can set their fans to rotate counterclockwise to defeat the problem and to get the most from their furnace. Doing so will cause the fan to pull the cold air up and to spread the warm air throughout the room.

Get a Home Inspection
Although people can take a range of steps to keep their homes warm without overspending, nothing compares to the benefits of getting a home inspection. A 203k consultant can look at a home and find ways in which energy is being wasted. The home inspector will then recommend steps that the homeowner can take to handle the problem, and people are often amazed when they see how much money they can save.

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