Home Inspection | When you are selling your home, he or she more than likely will have to get the home inspected if the buyer will get a mortgage. This usually is the buyer’s responsibility and done at the buyer’s cost. You may be wondering, “Should sellers get a home inspection?” Though it’s not a requirement, there are some advantages to doing so that can make it worth the cost.

Find out about problems
One of the biggest advantages of getting an inspection before putting your home on the market is that it can uncover problems that might cause complications later. For example, it’s better to find out about a major plumbing or electrical issue ahead of time so you can get it fixed, rather than having it crop up later and delay closing. Also, if a home inspector finds a major issue during an inspection, it may make you decide not to put your house on the market at all due to the potential expense of fixing it.

Give buyers peace of mind
Another benefit of having a home inspection done before putting your home on the market is that it may put buyers at ease. Many buyers would feel more comfortable buying a home that has been pre-inspected, because they know they are less likely to run into problems. Though a bank granting a mortgage to the buyer may still require another inspection, a pre-inspection may still be an inducement to attract buyers.

Ultimately, you have to make the decision on your own whether it is worth it to you to spend the $350 or more it will cost to have an inspection done on your home. Things like structural condition assessments and other inspection tactics that can find major home issues can be well worth the money you spend.

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