A home inspection is a crucial process for buyers and sellers. Home buyers and even home builders understand that homes aren’t perfect, thus, the need for inspection. A home inspection is an essential factor to consider not only for buyers, but also for sellers alike. However,  buyers/sellers may not understand how the process plays out or even what to do after a home inspection is conducted.

Before Inspection
203k Consultants are one of the home inspectors one can hire for consultation. A 203k consultant will visit the property site and undertake a HUD write-up, ideally his/her role is critical for the realization of a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) full 203k loan, which is necessary for the borrower, the lender, and the contractor. The FHA inspection provides the buyer with a more detailed outlook on the condition of the property he/she is about to purchase and gives the buyer more detailed information about the overall condition of the home. A qualified FHA home inspector takes a thorough look at the potential new home and evaluates its physical condition and estimates its optimizations.

The Inspection Report
After all the necessary preliminary processes have been met, the owner of the premise has ten days to hire a home inspector who will examine the structural integrity and its features. Such inspected items include the foundation, electrical systems, and the plumbing, roofing and underlying cosmetic issues. The inspector will draw out the report, and it will then become the property of the buyer or property owner.

After the Inspection Report
Once the buyer receives the inspection report, and upon review of the pre-existing conditions, i.e., structural and cosmetic conditions, he/she will decide if they warrant repairs or discontinue the purchasing process altogether. Moreover, a buyer is inclined to request the property seller to fix and repair specific items. Additionally, the seller may decide to repair all or some of the requested items or even decide to discontinue the sale of the property.

This back-and-forth rocking between the parties regarding inspection report on the necessary repairs is the determinant for the termination of a real estate contract.

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