Home Inspection | When the word ‘home inspection’ comes in play, it originated from the buyer. Buyers use the inspection to uncover hidden imperfections and unfinished repairs as evidence to reject or seal the deal. Nevertheless, a seller can hire a home inspector too. The difference is the home inspection from the seller’s viewpoint turns into a preventative measure.

Concrete Proof
Buyers are cautious about an inspection due to the expenses hidden in front, in between, and behind the walls. Present the home inspection report to the buyer so the buyer knows the home’s up-to-date status. The information provided means buyers can respond accordingly. In turn, buyers appreciate sellers’ honesty about the home’s status, making them stand apart from the pack.

Realistic Decisions
View the inspection as a realistic notice pertaining to the home’s status. Sellers should view it and decide on whether to fix the issues or adjust the price. If a seller leans toward fixing the issues, the seller can shop around for contractors, compare prices, and repair damages. If a seller leans toward price adjustment, the price should satisfy the buyer, the seller, and the agent. For unpredictable repairs like mold, termites, or foundation repair, communicate with the contractor and real estate agent before deciding.

A realistic decision revolves around negotiations too. Buyers usually force sellers to lower the asking price due to the inspection. With a home inspection, sellers avoid stress and shock. They can refer to the inspection and adjust prices based on the findings.

A Great Selling Point
Repaired items make a great selling point to buyers in the listing. Things like ‘electrical upgrades’ or ‘brand new flooring’ turns a bad inspection into a positive feature. Buyers notice the changes and immediately draw their eye to your home.

Sellers should use a home inspector to their advantage. Approach it like a pre-inspection. Take precautions and fix repairs and imperfections before listing so delays from buyer bids to closing are minimal.

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