VA Home Inspection | Many children are frightened of attics. Attics can be dark, gloomy, and spooky places in a home. However, adults also have good reasons to fear attics. There are several hazards you should avoid in all types of attics. Check them out below.

Weak Floorboards
Some attics weren’t built to withstand regular foot traffic. It’s very possible a misplaced step could send an adult or a 203k consultant tumbling into the downstairs of a home. Make sure you are stepping on floor joists instead of your downstairs ceiling.

Wiring Hazards
Some attics have exposed electrical wiring. Keep an eye out for any wiring you may inadvertently damage. Also, make sure that wiring doesn’t inadvertently damage you!

Many unfinished attics have exposed beams. You may even see the nails holding down the roof shingles poking through your attic ceiling. This is why a 203k consultant will often venture into an unfinished attic with a type of helmet. Attics often have low ceilings, and a single misstep could make your skull have a painful meeting with rusty nail.

Breathing Hazards
Attics can be full of things you don’t want to breathe into your lungs. This might include excessive dust, exposed insulation, and even mold. Make sure you take proper respiratory precautions before venturing up into an unknown attic. This is especially true if you already know you suffer from respiratory problems.

Don’t forget that animals in your attic can be a serious hazard. For example, mice and rats often take up residence. Spiders are also known to be hiding out in attics. Also, hornets and wasps are one of the most serious hazards. You don’t want to be in an enclosed space with a swarm of angry hornets!

Remember these hazards the next time you decide to pay an attic a visit. You’ll be glad you did!

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