FHA Home Inspection | When electrical problems occur in a home, many homeowners will attempt to make the repairs themselves. Though many electric problems are relatively easy to repair, it is also easy to make mistakes that can create a hazardous situation. One of the roles of a FHA home inspector is to uncover these problems that may be lurking in the walls and fixtures in a home.

Reverse Polarity
One of the most common wiring problems is reverse polarity. Reverse polarity exists when the hot (aka positive) wire and the neutral (aka negative) wire are reversed. The interesting part of reverse polarity is that most electronic devices will work without problems when this situation exists. However, reverse polarity can create a shocking hazard in situations that should be safe, such as changing a light bulb with the power on.

Loose Connections
Homeowner repairs to electrical wiring that are not up to code may result in loose connections. Loose connections may seem to work properly, or cause only minor problems, but the loose connection may be creating unseen sparks or excessive heat. Fixing these connections is not just a matter of code compliance, it is also important for keeping the home safe. The good news is that it is easy to repair connection problems once they have been found.

FHA Home Inspections
During the home buying process, a FHA home inspection will be required to make certain that the home is properly valued, structurally sound and safe for those who will live in the home. As part of the home inspection process the home inspector will complete simple electric tests that will uncover any problems that may be lurking in the home. In the role of a 203k consultant, a FHA home inspector looks at a home to determine its compliance with HUD’s Minimum Property Standards. These standards include the condition of the home’s electrical wiring.

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