If you are buying a home, you should have a VA home inspection done to ensure there aren’t any major issues with the home. While it’s not that common to find a major issue that will kill the sale, it’s also rare to not find any minor issues. Here are some of the most common home inspection issues that buyers and sellers encounter.

Faulty wiring

Most homeowners don’t upgrade the wiring in their home unless they have to because of a problem or unless it’s part of a remodel. Also, many people have home renovations done by unqualified contractors or they may do things themselves, which can lead to wiring that is not up to code. Old wiring does not necessarily have to be replaced, but most home lenders will require wiring that is not up to code to be fixed.

Structural issues
Homes can degrade over time, and that can lead to structural issues. Many of these are visible to the untrained eye, but some aren’t, and VA home inspectors often find structural defects with the roof and foundation that the homeowner may not have known about. The structural integrity of a home is a particular area of emphasis for an FHA VA home inspector. Any major structural issue is something that needs to be accounted for before the sale closes.

Termite damage
Termites are a risk to homes in just about any area of the country, and homeowners don’t always know when they have a termite infestation. Signs of damage can be hidden behind walls or in crawlspaces. Old termite damage that has been fixed is OK, but any evidence of an active termite infestation needs to be remedied. An FHA VA home inspector will not pass any home that has evidence of active termite infestation, and buyer and seller must make an agreement on how to remedy it.

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