203K Consultant

203K Consultant | Purchasing a home is one of the most invested purchases in any person’s life. Buying your dream home can be a daunting task, as there a lots of things to check before making the purchase. As your house protects your family, it should be assured that your house has phenomenal construction quality and is free from potential health hazards. This is where the need for a genuine and authentic home inspection and 203k consultant comes into play.

Home Inspections for Better Safety of Your Family
Home inspections are done by professionally trained home inspectors who asses potential fire hazards, health risks and home safety. They ensure the complete protection of your family, and also provides valuable information regarding the systems in the apartment, as well as maintenance tips to protect your valuable investment. The home inspection also provides considerable information regarding the flaws of the building, and it can be helpful in negotiating with the seller to get a favorable price. This also prevents the buyers from getting cheated by fraud sellers and complements the buyers with a decent discount in their purchase.

203k Consultants for Smooth and Easy Projects

A 203k consultant is a vital part of any 203k loan transaction. 203k consultants can be helpful to smoothen the loan transaction process and also find a suitable contractor for the borrower. The 203k inspectors visit the site and ensures the feasibility of the project after checking the project. The 203k consultant prepares a detailed performance specification scope of the work and it is sent to the borrowers, lenders and contractors. The lender is given the freedom to choose the contractors upon his own choice. The 203k Inspectors also perform Draw Request Inspections which ensure that the consultant permits are issued. Draw request inspections are done as work progresses and finally assures the smooth completion of the project. Therefore, the home inspection and 203k consultant ensures the safety of your family and makes it a hassle free experience for the consumers.