Manufactured Home/ Tie-Down Inspections

Manufactured Home/ Tie-Down Inspections |Do you own manufactured home? Are you attempting to have a home loan? If yes, you’ll need a Tie-Down Inspection. At Beryl Project Engineering & Inspection, we can perform the home’s tie-downs inspection so that you can meet the tie-down loan specifications. Also, if you have a mobile home and need to ensure it’s anchored before the subsequent hurricane strikes, give us a call at (813) 616-3301, and we’ll inspect your manufactured home. We can install any additional tie-down or replace if necessary.
HUD/FHA Manufactured Home Foundation Requirements
In Tampa Bay, all manufactured homes are required to meet tied down specifications. Although, some of the improvement exceeding the minimum regulations of manufactured home installation are required to meet stringent regulations of HUD. Our tie-down inspections meet FHA requirements which are;

Foundation piers should be constructed of high and stable materials like masonry, reinforced concrete, steel, or even treated wood. A dry stacked, which are mostly used in the foundation of manufactured homes, can be upgraded to the requirements. This can be achieved by adding additional layers of fiber-reinforced cement to bond.

A permanent support skirting wall (perimeter) should enclose the foundation to keep out water and vermin. The wall should be well self-supporting, and rested on a firm concrete footing. Also, the access opening should be constructed at this parameter barrier. At most, these walls are generally built of brick or block masonry. Though, a treated wood can do well if built properly.

The home should have enough tie downs anchored at its footing for it to resist transverse, longitudinal loads and horizontal overturns. Although, HUD prohibits on screw-in tie-down used in the anchorage of manufactured home system, there are still several anchorage that can be employed.

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