Home Inspector

Home Inspector | Home inspection is part of the home-buying process, and it is regarded as an important step in ensuring new homeowners get the best value for their money. Read on to learn the reasons why you need to hire a licensed, insured and experienced home inspector.

A qualified inspector has capacity to check a wide range of structural elements. Homes are made of elements such as foundation, walls, doors, windows and roof. The best experts examine all these aspects for any malfunctions that need to be corrected. Some experts extend their inspection services to other elements, such as plumping, electrical, heating & cooling systems and appliances.

A good home inspector uses high tech tools to carry out this crucial process. There is no doubt that sophisticated equipment is needed in checking for defects in buildings and structures. Some tools used by top home examiners include: electrophysics moisture meter, infrared camera, circuit analyzer, humidity meter, infrared thermometer, clamp meter, water pressure gauge and voltage tester.

A knowledgeable home inspector will pay much attention to the health and safety issues when examining a home. The top priority of the best inspectors is to ensure they identify any issues that can compromise on health and safety of the incoming occupants.

In addition, a licensed, insured and experienced home inspector compiles a comprehensive and technically-detailed report that helps the buyer know the real value of the property he or she is intending to purchase. The report contains an inventory of components in the house and illustrations of critical details identified during the inspection process.