Improper or inadequate drainage on your Florida property can pose significant risks for damage to your home or other residential structures. The Florida climate and propensity for heavy storms make drainage a top issue for consideration. This is true in any area of Florida. FEMA has specific flood zones that may have increased risks for flooding, but all of Florida is a flood zone due to its geographical location. 

Beryl Project Engineering offers seasoned and skilled structural design in Tampa for solving all manner of drainage issues on your residential property. Our engineers can analyze your property’s site to determine drainage problems and their causes and design solutions to preserve your yard, landscaping and structures. 

Common Causes of Residential Drainage Problems 

Drainage problems around your Tampa property can result from a number of causes. Some may have been present from when your home was built while others can occur over time or because of certain events. 

Poor Site Preparation / Grading 

Poor site preparation in the beginning stages of building your home can result in drainage issues. Improper grading that does not slope the ground away from your home or other structures can allow water to stand or run underneath the home’s foundation. Either result can cause damage to your property. 


Erosion over time is a common cause of drainage problems. Rain and wind over time can change the topography and even the slope of your property and allow water to stand or run toward important structures. Homes, pool houses, garages and other residential structures can be put at risk by slow erosion that can be difficult to notice. 

Storm Flooding 

Florida is one large flood zone that gets more of its share of tropical storms. Violent wind, rain and flooding can easily reroute preplanned drainage measures. Your entire property can be ruined and require complete re-grading and leveling after a hurricane or other strong storm in order to correct damage and create adequate drainage channels away from your home and other buildings. 

Poor Soil / Strata 

Poor soil quality and Florida’s high water table often combine to cause drainage problems. Areas that were correctly sloped in the past for drainage can sink and now collect excess water instead of channeling it away. Even your home or other buildings can sink due to poor soil strata and require new drainage solutions. 

Possible Damage from Poor Drainage 

Water travels the path of least resistance. This is a guiding principle when diagnosing poor drainage problems and designing solutions. Without an effective structural design in Tampa for adequate residential drainage, your home and other buildings can sustain significant damage to visible and invisible areas. This can include: 

  • Foundation damage from hydrostatic pressure, or water pressure against the foundation or footings 
  • Standing water in your crawl space that breeds mold, mildew and rot on support structures 
  • Soil erosion or settling that causes your home or other structures to sink or lean 

Modern homes and structures are designed to accommodate a certain amount of movement over time. But pressure or erosion from water can easily exceed this limit over time and cause critical structural damage that endangers your structure and your family. Buildings can eventually collapse when foundational elements are compromised by poor drainage. 

Structural Design in Tampa for Adequate Residential Drainage 

Beryl engineers have the skills and knowledge to determine your drainage problems and create a structural design in Tampa for adequate drainage. Every drainage solution basically includes some form of the catchment area, drain channels and an outlet to direct water away from your structures and off your property. We can review existing or previous drainage measures and design long-lasting, flexible and efficient drainage systems to protect your property. 

Contact Beryl Project Engineering when you discover pooling water around or underneath your Florida home or other signs of poor drainage.