Before we start talking about things that fail a home inspection in Florida, let us first clarify what a home inspection actually is. Namely, home inspections, performed by licensed inspectors, are top-to-bottom evaluations of a home (either a house or an apartment). Their purpose is to let future buyers know whether everything is alright with the home they plan on buying. 

So, if you are somebody who plans on selling a home soon, be sure that all those potential buyers will come with their own inspectors. They will check every corner of your home and advise the buyers to back out or start negotiating a lower price. Either way – you lose! 

Don’t let a home inspection do this to you and your home. Be the first to see your home’s flaws and fix them before others do. We will help you with that. Today, we prepared a list of the most common things that fail a home inspection in Florida, so check these things out before you list your home. 

The Roof 

It just goes without saying that there are different kinds of home inspections, depending on many factors. Some focus on the interior, some on the exterior, etc. But, almost all home inspections focus on the roof. And, why is that? Because it is difficult for future buyers to see the roof’s condition as they can’t just climb on top of it and be roof experts. Sellers think that too (that nobody will see the roof’s condition), which is why the roof is among those top things that fail a home inspection in Florida. 

If you recently replaced or renovated your roof or your home is relatively new, you have nothing to worry about. But, if your home is older, and if there were problems with missing shingles, leaks, water damage, or some other roof construction problems, better call a professional to fix everything before an inspector comes. 

Electrical Issues 

The next thing on our list of top things that fail a home inspection in Florida is electricity. That is outdated wires, panels, systems, etc. This problem usually happens with older homes in Florida – those built twenty or thirty years ago. Electrical standards have changed since then. And, if you haven’t stayed up to date, the chances are that a home inspector will fail your home. 

So don’t wait until it’s too late and call an electrician as soon as possible! Let him check all the electrical systems in and around your home. And, don’t try to cut corners on this one. Electrical issues are not only deal breakers of a home inspection but also hazardous to you and everybody living in that home. 

Water Damage 

Water damage is something that will push away any potential buyer. If you disagree, just put yourself in their position – you enter a home that smells funny, you see odd splashes of water on the walls and floors, there is mold everywhere, and you start to imagine what is going on with the foundation of the home. Would you gladly buy this kind of home? Probably not. 

Be sure that water damage is also one of those top things that fail a home inspection in Florida. 

So, make sure to check if you have it. And, if you do, make sure to sanitize all the water-related problems before you place your home on the market. Moreover, if your home had water damage in the past, it might be a good idea to do some home renovations that will prevent water damage in the future. Trust us; all the potential buyers will be glad to pay more for this.



Another thing that will leave your potential buyers screaming and out of the door is pests. Pests can come in all shapes and levels of damage they cause. Your home may be infested with pests that can destroy every part of it – honeybees, moths, carpet beetles, termites, fire ants, camel crickets, etc. Some pests can be a health hazard – bed bugs, mice, rats, horntail wasps, mosquitoes, etc. And some, like ants, pigeons, and squirrels, are just annoying. 

If you have some of these, try first to use some natural ways to push them out. For instance, you can scare away the birds, rats, and squirrels with firecrackers. Or, you can spray a mixture of salt and soda on a place where ants, moths, and crickets reside. But, if nothing works or you are just too scared to do this all by yourself, be sure to hire an exterminator. And, once they are done, it might also be a good idea to renovate the places where pests have been. There is a big chance that they did some damage to your home, so sanitize everything before an open-house event. 


Final Thoughts 

As you have seen, certain things will fail a home inspection in Florida. We mentioned just a couple of them, but the truth is, there are many more. So, do yourself a favor and research this topic some more. Then, when you make your own list of things that fail a home inspection, be sure to check them. Check everything from foundation to roof, HVAC to drainage pipes, etc. And, be thorough! 

If you are unsure whether something is wrong with your home, you can always call a home inspector and let him check all those things that fail a home inspection in Florida. He will check everything and tell you whether you need to renovate or sanitize something before you list your home. Don’t be stingy about this one – having no offers for your home will cost you more than one inspection and one home renovation. 

Author Bio: Mark Collins 

Mark Collin is a professional moving advisor at Orange Mover, where he helps people choose the exemplary moving service and advises on how to have a stress-free relocation. In his free time, he writes blogs about moving, renovations, and home inspections. Mark is also a husband, a father of two girls, and a dog owner.