Mother Nature can unleash astounding forces at times. Florida is uniquely situated in a common pathway for hurricanes and other severe weather events. This means that storm damage is something most Florida residents will have to deal with at some point in their lives. Structural inspections in Tampa can determine the extent of damage from weather-related storms for the purposes of insurance claims and rebuilding/repair efforts. But this process is more complicated than it may appear. 

Was it Storm Damage or Other Causes? | Structural Inspections in Tampa

High winds, flooding, storm surge, heavy rainfall, hail, tornadoes, and fire are all common storm elements that can do incredible damage to structures. Structural inspections in Tampa depend on knowledge about the elements of the recent storm so an accurate picture of damaging factors can be used in damage assessments and structural integrity assessments. 

Structural inspections after a storm are an exercise of determining cause and effect. What storm elements were present and what types of damage could they possibly have caused to various types of structures. For example, a flooding event caused by storm surge will cause specific types of damage that may appear different from that caused by heavy rainfall or hail. 

Structural inspections in Tampa rely on recent images of the damaged structure in order to determine its pre-storm condition. These are compared with images or visual evaluations of the damaged structures as soon as possible after the storm event. Determining actual storm damage and damage or deterioration from other causes is important. 

Possible Flooding Damage

  • Saturated building components below the high water line
  • Structural instability in the foundation or components due to soil washout or other damage from fast-moving water
  • Structural displacement from hydrostatic forces (uplift or buoyancy) caused by standing water
  • Damage from debris carried by fast-moving flood waters 

Possible High-Speed Wind Damage 

  • Damage to or removal of exterior trim, finishings, or cladding
  • Interior water damage caused by storm-created openings or wind-borne projectiles
  • Structural instability or collapse caused by movement of structural members and/or connections 
  • Impact damage to exterior components, windows, and doors from wind-borne projectiles 

More types of damage can be attributed to these varying storm elements. These are only some of the most common. 

Other Conditions Commonly Misidentified as Storm Damage 

Some damages can occur after the storm has passed that is unrelated to the elements of the storm. There can also have been existing damage or deterioration present before the storm occurred. It is important to differentiate between storm-related damage and other damage. Insurance coverages can vary but most will not cover pre-existing damage, deterioration or unrelated damages after the storm. 

Common examples of items misidentified as storm damage can include: 

  • Previously detected cracks or separations caused by normal building movement
  • Water damage caused by improperly flashed or sealed joints
  • Water damage from pre-existing conditions or deferred maintenance 
  • Damage caused by neglect or misuse 
  • Corner chips or cracked tiles, shingles, or other components that are obvious results of shipping damage, poor installation, high traffic, misuse or neglect  

Beryl Structural Inspections in Tampa 

Beryl Project Engineering performs quality structural inspections in Tampa after storms or when other needs arise that warrant our inspection services. Our experienced engineers can provide sound, reliable structural inspections for a variety of clients. You can expect: 

  • An accurate description of the property under inspection
  • An experienced opinion of the current condition of readily accessible structural systems and components
  • A thorough evaluation and comprehensive report that addresses structural systems and components
  • A detailed description of all damages, defects, and their cause(s)
  • Recommendations for possible solutions and estimated costs
  • References to qualified individuals that can perform reliable repairs
  • Fast, professional service and courtesy 


Contact us today at Beryl Project Engineering for structural inspections in Tampa.