Many Florida residents are familiar with home inspections and the part they play in the home selling or buying process. Fewer are familiar with structural inspections in Tampa and the purposes they fulfill. Beryl Project Engineering provides both home inspections and structural inspections for properties throughout the Tampa and Hillsborough County region. Here are some of the most common questions we encounter about structural inspections in Tampa.

Does a Home Inspection Include a Structural Inspection?

Those who are unfamiliar with home inspections and structural inspections may assume that one includes the other. We are often asked if a home inspection includes a structural inspection. The answer to that question is NO. A home inspection is designed to evaluate a home’s overall condition and will cover many different systems and areas of the home. This may include some structural areas and components but not to the extent of an actual structural inspection.

Do I Need Both a Home Inspection and a Structural Inspection?

All homes should have a periodic home inspection. This is especially true before buying or selling a property. This general inspection can detect any hidden problems with the main systems and areas of the home and prevent them from growing larger and more costly. You do not need both a home inspection and a structural inspection in most circumstances. A home inspector may detect evidence of a structural problem and recommend a structural inspection.

How Are Home Inspections and Structural Inspections Different?

Structural inspections in Tampa are a specialty type of inspection that is carried out by a structural engineer. It focuses on the structural integrity of a home or other structure and its foundational components. It is different from a home inspection because it is directed only at specific portions of the home or building having to do with structural integrity.

A structural inspection will look at the foundation, floor joists, roofing joists, load-bearing walls and other main components. It will not be concerned with electrical, HVAC or other common home systems.

When Would I Need Structural Inspections in Tampa?

Structural engineers are called on to evaluate different structures for a wide variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for structural inspections in Tampa is storm damage. Florida is squarely in the path of many hurricanes and other severe storm events that can cause considerable damage. Structural inspections are necessary to determine the extent of damage to many different structures and to evaluate their continued safety and functionality.

Any structure or building may need a structural inspection after sustaining storm damage. This includes:

  • Private homes
  • Rental homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Bridges
  • Warehouses
  • Overpasses
  • Docks

Home renovations or additions are other common reasons for structural inspections in Tampa. Adding onto your existing home can involve changing or modifying structural components. A structural engineer can help you design the best way to do this and carry out the modifications safely. Many home renovations can involve removing load-bearing walls or other structural components. A structural engineer can help you do this safely without harming the structural integrity of the home.

Some home loan lenders will require a structural inspection in addition to a standard home inspection before loaning funds for a purchase. Home loans through the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) often require a structural inspection.

Beryl Structural Inspections in Tampa

Beryl Project Engineering provides structural inspections in Tampa by qualified and licensed structural engineers with a wealth of experience. Our inspection reports are completely neutral and unbiased since we do not perform any construction. We are also not connected with any construction company. You can depend on Beryl for sound, professional and reliable structural inspections for your home or business. Call or contact us online today to ask about structural inspections in Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida.