Beryl Project Engineering performs a large number of Hillsborough County home inspections each year. That means we’ve seen all kinds of problems with Tampa-area homes. Even some newer homes can have issues that require repairs. Some problems can be so large that potential buyers may choose to keep looking and pass on buying the home.

Hidden problems are an important reason to have Hillsborough County home inspections on every home you wish to buy before any purchase agreement is signed. You can always make better buying decisions when you are armed with information about the home in question. Here are some primary concerns for buyers that our inspectors have encountered during Hillsborough County home inspections.

Leaks / Water Damage

Water is a sneaky and silent invader that can do incredible damage to a home. Water follows the path of least resistance according to the pull of gravity. This means water can run along surfaces and support structures throughout your home and cause damage far away from the point of initial intrusion. A good example of this is dark patches on the ceiling in a room. This is a sign of moisture intrusion that has soaked into the ceiling material and ruined it.

This is only an indicator of a larger problem. The water could be entering into the home on the far side of the property and running along hidden roof beams before it drips down onto the damaged ceiling. What other damage has occurred in between? It may be almost impossible to detect all the damage caused by a single water intrusion. And there may be more than one.

Outdated Electrical Systems

Florida has some of the nation’s most stringent building codes and this includes electrical codes. Many older homes are exempt from newer building codes but this leaves the homeowner with an electrical system that is not adequate for modern electrical demands. Older homes were designed and built before we became addicted to so many electrical devices. An outdated electrical system may not be adequate to handle the load.

Low-Quality DIY Renovations

Many Florida homeowners choose to perform their own renovations to save on costs. This can be a wise decision for those with construction experience. Those without adequate knowledge or skills can do more harm than good when performing their own renovations. These sub-standard changes can usually be easily spotted during Hillsborough County home inspections.

Another concern is how much DIY work has been done. Certain additions will require the home to be updated to current electrical codes. Failure to do this can be costly and dangerous. This is certainly a major issue a prospective buyer should know about before entering into purchase negotiations.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can be a result of hurricanes, flooding, age or even poor DIY renovations or additions to a home. This type of damage is almost always hidden and signs of damage are usually only detectable by a professional home inspector. Foundation problems, stressed or broken joists or trusses and other problems can pose a real safety risk to you and your family.

Homes with evident structural damage should always receive a further inspection by a structural engineer to ascertain the true extent of the damage. Buyers would be wise to steer clear of any home with suspected or confirmed structural damage.

Quality Hillsborough County Home Inspections

Hillsborough County home inspections from Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa are guaranteed to meet or exceed the InterNACHI Standards of Practice for home inspections. We use only experienced inspectors and the latest technology to perform high-quality home inspections. Hillsborough County home inspections can be scheduled according to your convenience and your results will be available within 36 hours of completing your inspection.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering today to schedule a Tampa-area home inspection before buying or selling a home.