Beryl Project Engineering offers litigation and expert witness services relating to our areas of expertise for clients who need such services. Our structural engineers have a wealth of education, training, and experience in matters of design and construction and can speak to these matters in a reliable capacity that constitutes legal evidence.

Many clients may be unclear about the role of an engineer in litigation and expert witness situations. Beryl’s engineers can provide sound, educated, and reliable evaluations and testimony relating to the following areas of structural engineering.

Forensic Engineering and Litigation and Expert Witness Testimony

Beryl Project Engineering can provide trained, licensed, and experienced engineers and inspectors to carry out a forensic analysis of various types of structures in order to determine the cause of failure. Structure failures often involve serious injuries or fatalities that may be attributed to negligence or defects in materials or construction. Reliable expert witness testimony can be vital in litigation where such defects or other problems have caused a failure and contributed to personal injuries and/or property loss.

Code Compliance and Litigation and Expert Witness Testimony

Much of an engineer’s knowledge that can be of significant value in litigation and expert witness testimony involves building and construction codes. The State of Florida has enacted some of the toughest building codes in the United States to protect workers and consumers. Substandard materials or poor workmanship while erecting a structure can lead to partial or catastrophic failures and serious injuries or fatalities.

Other code or regulation compliance can apply after a structure is completed. Outdated buildings may not meet modern codes that have been updated since their construction. A prime example is an older apartment building that may not meet up-to-date requirements for handicap access. A building owner could be liable for non-compliance with ADA regulations and be forced to make the necessary modifications to the building.

Beryl Project Engineering can explain more about how our litigation/expert witness services could help you in different legal situations. Call or message us online and ask to speak with one of our skilled and experienced engineers and inspectors.