Is part of your plan for the New Year selling your home? Upsizing or downsizing your home may be on your list of New Year’s resolutions as your family dynamic changes. Growing or shrinking families can discover all kinds of new needs that a current home just cannot meet any longer. Selling an existing home and buying a new home are high on many wish lists for the new year – so remember to start with Hillsborough County home inspections.

Why Should a Seller Need Hillsborough County Home Inspections?

Why should you invest in Hillsborough County home inspections before selling your home? Won’t a buyer pay for a home inspection as part of the home purchase process? Buyers will provide for a home inspection in almost every purchase scenario. But there are ways you can benefit as the seller by investing in a home inspection before putting your property on the market.

Prepare Your Home for Sale with Needed Repairs

Hillsborough County home inspections from Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa can reveal any problems that need repairs in your home. Our Certified Master Inspector performs a strict inspection that follows InterNACHI guidelines, including the following critical areas of your home:

  • Attic
  • Decks and porches
  • Electrical system
  • Foundation
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing system
  • Roof
  • Walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Windows and doors

Problems that are discovered during the inspection will be described on the home inspector’s report. This report may cite inadequate drainage on the property, a need for more insulation in the ceiling, or electrical outlets that fail to meet the newest electrical codes. Other items of concern can include outdated HVAC equipment, hidden damage on roofing within the attic, or even cracks in the foundation.

Discovering these problems, now allows you the time to make repairs, or replace worn items, before any prospective buyers see your home.This can significantly boost your home’s value and provide solid grounds for a greater asking price. Your repair costs and more can often be recovered in a higher asking price.

Prepare for Purchase Negotiations

Knowledge is power – and knowing the extent of your home’s condition can place you in a very favorable position when the bargaining begins. Repair receipts and new equipment or upgrades provide you with considerable strength at the negotiating table. Your investment in Hillsborough County home inspections more than pays for itself, and in fact can add value to your home.

You may even decide to repair only a portion of the home’s serious issues and allow a buyer to receive a discounted price to cover any remaining problems. This can be an enticement to some buyers who wish to make their own repairs or changes to a home. You and your realtor can discuss which repairs would be the most cost-effective and raise the home’s value and which repairs would be best left alone.

Florida Home Inspections by Beryl’s Certified Master Inspector

Hillsborough County home inspections carried out by Beryl’s Certified Master Inspector provide protection and peace of mind when selling your home. We embrace the use of technology to help us provide the best possible home inspections for our clients. Thermal Imaging tools allow us to discover and diagnose potential problems in their formative stages before they become costly catastrophes.

You will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-read, computerized inspection report complete with any related photos within 36 hours of your completed inspection. Beryl also has engineers on staff to evaluate any structural defects discovered during your home inspection. Our inspectors also work on your timetable by scheduling inspections for evenings or weekends for your convenience.

Hillsborough County home inspections by Beryl Project Engineering are covered by the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee for your complete protection and peace of mind. Scheduling a pre-sale home inspection with us is a wise investment for the new year. Call or message us online today to schedule Hillsborough County home inspections throughout the Tampa, Florida region.