Buying or selling your home in Tampa requires a home inspection to determine the overall condition of the home and its important components and systems. One of the systems a home inspector in Tampa will check is the heating and air (HVAC) system. Problems with this system or any of its many components can cause other issues that result in damage to various parts of the home. A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering shares some of the most common HVAC problems that are encountered during home inspections.

Neglected System Filters

HVAC system filters are some of the most neglected areas of home maintenance a home inspector in Tampa may encounter. This is completely unnecessary because filters are affordable and easy to change. Blocked or even encrusted filters block the free flow of air through the system and cause it to be seriously overworked. This can significantly shorten the life of your HVAC system.

Disconnected or Cracked Ductwork

Ductwork is what delivers the goods to your entire home. Heated or cooled air travels throughout the ducts into the rooms of your home. Ductwork that is not installed properly or that develops cracks or broken joints allows air to be diverted into the wrong areas. Losing air makes your HVAC system work harder. Air directed into the wrong spaces can also cause hidden damage from moisture problems.

Exhaust or Vent Problems

Any HVAC system that contains combustion equipment needs to properly vent its waste gases, especially carbon monoxide. The flue serves as a vent that allows combustion gases to escape. It should be properly supported and directed away from anything flammable to reduce the risk of fire.

Component Issues

Components that break or wear out can cause your HVAC system to become inoperable or to operate sluggishly. A unit that works harder than normal wears out quickly. Be aware of these common HVAC components that a Beryl home inspector in Tampa may indicate need repair or replaced:

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Condenser
  • Refrigerant
  • Dirty, clogged or punctured coils
  • Unlevel Unit Pad
  • Missing or Vandalized Parts

It is not unheard of for a home that has been sitting empty before resale to have parts from the HVAC unit stolen. Thieves can resell or recycle certain parts for money.

Any issues with your home’s HVAC unit that a Beryl home inspector in Tampa discovers will be indicated on our easy-to-read, computerized report. You will receive this report within 36 hours of when we complete your home inspection. A full system evaluation by an HVAC service professional is recommended is issues are found to exist.

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