Everyone wants to save money. And this is especially true when purchasing a home. Modern homes in Florida are generally priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any way homeowners can save money on a home purchase is welcome. Have you ever considered how Hillsborough County home inspections can save you money when purchasing a home? Here are five important ways to save money on your next home purchase with Hillsborough County home inspections.

Spend a Little, Save Even More

Some may make the crucial mistake of avoiding Hillsborough County home inspections under the pretense of “saving money.” The opposite is actually true. Investing in a professional home inspection early in the process of purchasing your new home can save you many thousands of dollars in repairs that may lie hidden from casual view. A relatively small investment can buy you great peace of mind.

Written Records as Evidence

In the event that a prospective home requires extensive repairs, the written record of an impartial home inspection report is valuable evidence. Based on this professional assessment, you can demand that the owner make the necessary repairs or lower their price substantially to allow for the costs of repairs. Or, you can back out of the agreement altogether.

Avoid the Costs of Hidden Damage

Damage to major systems or components of a prospective home are often hidden from casual view. Hillsborough County home inspections by Beryl Project Engineering Master Inspectors can reveal serious structural damage, water damage, foundation issues, electrical problems, roof leaks, HVAC issues, and more. These and other hidden problems can cost many thousands of dollars.

Trust a Professional

You may be able to spot superficial issues with a prospective home, but what about the hidden issues that lie beneath the surface? Beryl home inspectors have the tools and expertise, like thermal imaging cameras, that can reveal what your untrained and unassisted eyes missed. Thermal imaging can reveal wet spots, overheating electrical components, and more behind wallboard, past where we can see with only a surface inspection.

What’s Better Than a Guarantee?

Beryl Project Engineering home inspections are covered by the InterNACHI 90-day Buy-Back Guarantee. If a participating Certified Professional Inspector® from Beryl Project Engineering misses anything in the inspection, InterNACHI will buy back the home. This means that you get every penny of the purchase price back if we mess up. What could be better than that?

The certified and licensed home inspectors from Beryl Project Engineering follow an industry-approved inspection protocol that meets or exceeds InterNACHI Standards of Practice. That means you can trust in the quality of Hillsborough County home inspections we provide. And we perform your home inspection on your schedule, returning your easy-to-read computerized inspection report within 36 hours.

When you need quality, reputable, and dependable home inspections in Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida, call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301 or message us online.