Solar panel and solar system designs come in many shapes and sizes. Your custom solar design is ultimately crafted by a trained and experienced solar engineer. Solar engineers from Beryl Project Engineering work with you to evaluate your needs and desires and then design the best possible solar power system to meet your unique needs. A high-performing solar design can be crafted for your residential or commercial needs. 

What are the Steps to Creating My Design? 

Your first step in getting the solar design that best fits your needs is to contact Beryl Project Engineering and meet with our solar engineers. You will be assigned a solar engineer who will oversee the design and answer your contractor’s questions for the implementation of your custom solar power system from start to finish. He or she will work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your custom solar project. 

The process includes: 

  • A consultation to learn your ideas, desires, and perceived needs 
  • A site assessment to determine the type of equipment and locations for equipment 
  • A financial assessment to determine your project budget 
  • Designing a system to fit your situation, property, and power needs
  • Computerized imagery to test for wind loading and other stresses 
  • Explanation and demonstration of the proposed design by computer modeling 
  • Working with your contractor to gain any necessary approvals for actual construction 
  • Overseeing the system installation if third party verification is requested instead of city officials 
  • Final system testing if third party verification is requested instead of city officials
  • Educating appropriate individuals on how the system operates and how to obtain service 

Beryl solar engineers can design and oversee the installation of a variety of custom solar designs, from ground-mounted to rooftop installations, and more. 

Custom Solar Designs from Beryl Project Engineering 

Solar power is a completely renewable, environmentally-friendly, and cost-saving option for homes and businesses of all types and sizes. Reducing power bills and taking advantage of special tax credits are only a few ways a solar design can benefit your home or business. Beryl engineers can even design your system to save power for outages or be connected to a local power share grid. 

Use solar energy to: 

  • Power your water heater and appliances
  • Power your heated swimming pool 
  • Provide regular power for daily living or business operations 
  • Store up power in case of outages or natural disasters 
  • Contribute to a power-sharing cooperative 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Raise your property value 
  • Help the environment 

Solar engineers from Beryl Project Engineering are experienced and licensed to design and oversee installation of a variety of custom solar creations for numerous applications. Discover how much you could save and other benefits by sending us a message online or calling 813-616-3301 to schedule an appointment to meet with a Beryl solar engineer. Energy freedom is closer than you may think.