Building a new home can be an exciting experience. Seeing your dreams rise from a set of plans to stand before you is like nothing else you will ever experience. But what do you know about construction? How will you know if your new home is being built to meet or exceed the appropriate Florida Building Codes? Showing up on the construction site every day means nothing if you cannot spot potential problems or mistakes. A Beryl home inspector from Tampa can arrange for new construction inspections to provide you peace of mind about your new home. 

Why Should I Worry About Code Compliance? 

All newly built homes must conform to current Florida Building Codes in every aspect. The latest 2017 codes are enforced by the Florida Building Commission. It is their job to establish the statewide codes and publish updates every three years. They can even amend the code each year as new needs or issues arise that need faster attention. 

Code compliance is following the law. State-mandated building codes are established to keep homeowners and residents safe. They ensure that only proper building practices and approved materials are used when building new residential dwellings. No one would knowingly move their family into an unsafe and substandard living space. 

Home Inspector in Tampa New Construction Inspections from Beryl

New Construction Inspections from Beryl Project Engineering are designed to verify that all construction practices and materials used in your new home project fully comply with the design plans, state and local building codes. Beryl New Construction Inspections are performed by licensed engineers who are educated on building codes and qualified to evaluate ongoing construction. 

 A new construction inspection process is coordinated with the building contractors and project superintendent. Periodic inspections are carried out at certain points throughout the construction process. This enables Beryl engineers to observe and inspect structural components and other home systems before they are covered with walls, flooring, and other aesthetic components that can hide serious defects or problems. 

Periodic inspections of new home construction typically occur at the following points of construction, although we can arrange for other checks as well: 

  • Foundation Inspection before raising vertical structural elements 
  • Framing and Rough-in Inspection before wall, ceiling, and floor coverings are added
  • Final Punch-list Inspection that includes items spotted by the inspector and/or owner
  • Final Grade Inspection before permits are closed 

The best time to catch errors or omissions is before they are hidden. These hidden problems can become costly and even more dangerous if allowed to happen and become worse over time. This is the basis for new construction periodic inspections from Beryl Project Engineering. 

Don’t gamble your investment or your family’s safety on people and materials you know nothing about. Add a layer of certainty by sending us a message online or calling 813-616-3301 to schedule an appointment to discuss periodic new home construction inspections from Beryl Project Engineering.