Structural Assessments | When are Structural Assessments Necessary? 

Structural Assessments | Sometimes there can be a bit of confusion between home inspections and structural assessments. Most buyer/seller contracts require a home inspection. A structural assessment is a further specific evaluation focusing on strictly structural components of a building or structure, including an estimate of its remaining service life and present load-bearing capacity. Following are common reasons for a structural assessment in Florida. 

VA and FHA Loans 

There are times when your VA or FHA loan appraiser will request that the home you are considering for purchase be evaluated by a licensed professional structural engineer. These requests are not uncommon for these types of loans. If you are applying for a VA or FHA home loan, Beryl Project Engineering can handle both the required home inspection and the structural assessment that may be requested. 

Beryl engineers can perform a quality structural assessment even if we did not do your home inspection. We are familiar with VA and FHA requirements and can generate the necessary report to satisfy their guidelines. 

Inspections that Lead to Structural Assessments 

structural assessment is normally requested after some major structural or functional deficiency is uncovered during a routine inspection. In these cases, Beryl engineers will perform the requested assessment with an emphasis on the following: 

  • Detailed description of any structural shortcomings and their causes 
  • The remaining serviceable lifespan of the structure 
  • The structure’s present load-bearing status 

All tests performed to determine the above assessments are recorded in detail and included as part of the overall structural assessment report submitted by our engineer. 

Neutral Structural Assessments 

It is important to note that Beryl Project Engineering is not a construction company, nor are we affiliated with any construction company. This allows us to issue completely neutral and unbiased structural assessments that our clients can trust are totally reliable. We are not a construction company that performs structural assessments to generate work for our construction business. Our only business is providing you our client with the most accurate and reliable inspection and assessment reports possible. 

For more information about structural assessments from Beryl Project Engineering, call our office at 813-616-3301 or contact us online