Home Inspector Tampa | 6 Important Questions for your Tampa Home Inspector 

Home Inspector Tampa | Many people only buy one home in their lives. Others may buy more than one over the span of a lifetime but are still not experts on the process. Knowing as much as possible about a prospective home is always in your best interests. That’s why you should ask your Tampa home inspector questions about his or her findings. Knowledge is power when researching homes for purchase. 

Here are six important questions for your Tampa home inspector. 

What Kind of Inspection Do I Need? 

Certain lenders will require a specific type of inspection that meets their demands. In addition to a full home inspection for buyers or sellers, Beryl Project Engineering also provides

  • HUD Feasibility Analysis Report 
  • FHA Home Inspection 
  • VA Home Inspection 
  • 4-Point Inspection 
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection 
  • Roof Consulting

Ask one of our Beryl representatives about these other inspection options and if or when you may need them. 

How Long Does the Inspection Process Take? 

This will depend partly on the size of the home, but the typical home inspection takes two to three hours. You are welcome to be present at the home inspection, but the inspector will need to focus his or her time on the home and the job at hand. 

When Will I Get the Full Report? 

Your Tampa home inspector from Beryl will provide you with an easy-to-read computerized report that includes photos within 36 hours of completing the inspection. 

What If I Don’t Understand Something on the Report? 

Beryl home inspectors don’t just hand you a stack of paper covered in meaningless scribbles and numbers. We will answer all your questions to your satisfaction until you fully understand our report on the condition of your home. Even if you have questions later, you can call us for further clarification. 

Can My Tampa Home Inspector Fix Any Issues Needing Repair?

It is against the law in Florida for a Tampa home inspector to make any repairs he or she identifies on a home inspection report. It is also a huge conflict of interest. Stay away from home inspectors who also offer to perform repairs. 

Should I Buy the Home If Lots of Work is Needed? 

This is a question that your Tampa home inspector cannot answer for you. Whether or not you purchase the home depends on many factors outside the inspector’s purview. Only you can decide if the cost of any repairs needed will change your mind about wanting the home. 

Beryl Project Engineering is your licensed and insured professional home inspections provider in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Plant City, Palm Harbor, Brandon, and Lakeland. Call us today for information about Tampa home inspections.