Condition Assessments | The Value of Neutral Condition Assessments 


Condition assessments by a certified and licensed engineer provide an expert opinion regarding the structural condition of a building, including a list of observable structural defects. These reports are used to determine a fair value assessment. A building that is unquestionably structurally sound without any noticeable defects will obviously retain a high value. Buildings that exhibit some defects necessitating repair will perhaps hold a lesser value, due to the nature of the needed repairs. 

There are times when an appraiser will flag home for further evaluation by a structural engineer. Sometimes this can be to satisfy the requirements for a VA or FHA home loan. Even if we did not perform your initial home inspection, Beryl Project Engineering provides these condition assessments as an additional service. 

Questionable Condition Assessments 

Many construction companies offer condition assessments as a “free service.” Prospective home buyers should beware of these inspections. This “free service” is often a marketing ploy used by the company to get more business. During your “free” home condition assessment, they can easily discover “repairs” you need to make; repairs that they just happen to provide. Not every construction company tricks the public with this tactic; but many use it to great advantage. 

Beryl Project Engineering is an independent engineering and inspections firm, not a construction company. We also are not aligned with any construction company. That means we can offer guaranteed neutral, objective, and honest condition assessments for our clients with absolutely no ulterior motives. You can trust that any needed repairs in the assessment are really needed, and not just a way to create more business for our company. 

Beryl Project Engineering does not see dishonesty around every corner. But we are aware of how someone unschooled in construction and inspection procedures can be duped by a dishonest company. Our reputation is built on integrity and sound, reliable services we have provided to Tampa residents for many years. 

When you need reliable, honest condition assessments for any type of building, call or contact us online to set up a time for service.