How Do I Handle Expired Permits in Hillsborough County?


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Any time work is performed on your home in Hillsborough County, Florida, the Building Services Division must issue a permit and verify that the work was performed to meet or exceed coding regulations. Common projects needing permits include swimming pools and roofing. Hillsborough County guidelines stipulate that these permits must be closed out within six months. Permits that are not closed out within this six-month timeframe will expire, necessitating action by the homeowner. 

Reasons for Expired Permits in Hillsborough County

There are a number of reasons a permit could expire. The most common reasons include: 

  • Work on the project is ongoing 
  • One or more inspections are still required 
  • Work on the project failed a coding inspection 
  • The contractor left the job unfinished 
  • The party responsible for the permit forgot about it 

Whatever the reason a construction permit is allowed to close, the responsible party must now deal with the closed permit before further construction continues or the property is eligible for resale. 

Ways to Handle Expired Permits in Hillsborough County 

Homeowners or contractors have options regarding how they can deal with expired construction permits, according to Hillsborough County, FL, guidelines. These include: 

  • Obtain an Engineering Affidavit. This document states that the property has passed final inspection and meets or exceeds Florida Building Code during the timeframe of the original construction permit. 
  • Request a permit extension. This is the common practice when ongoing work remains uncompleted. 
  • Pull a new permit. This adds significant cost to the project, as each permit costs 3% of the total cost of your project. 
  • Florida House Bill 447 now stipulates that cities and/or counties may choose to close any permits that are older than six years if they do not have a safety concern. 

Beryl Project Engineering can perform the required inspection on property where all work has been completed and provide an Engineering Affidavit. An Engineering Affidavit cannot be issued for a project that contains incomplete work. In the State of Florida, an Engineering Affidavit is only valid is the work under permit has been completed and the time allotted to do so has elapsed. 

If you need help with expired permits Hillsborough County, Florida, call us or contact us online for more information about permits, inspections, and an Engineering Affidavit.