Condition Assessment | Why Should You Demand Neutral Structural Assessments? 

Condition Assessment | Beryl Project Engineering licensed and certified inspectors have a wealth of experience in issuing Structural Assessments and Condition Assessments on different kinds of property. These inspection reports provide a professional opinion concerning the current, overall structural condition of a property, including the identification of any observable defects. 

These reports are routinely generated for the use of our clients to determine the value of a property. A building’s structural integrity and conformance to current building codes for soundness and safety are obviously a vital component that adds to or detracts from its value. This is why Beryl inspectors follow a directed evaluation report form that covers specific structural systems and components. 

The Importance of Neutral Structural Assessments 

It is common practice for structural assessments to be offered at low or no cost by construction companies as part of their sales strategy. After providing property owners with a structural assessment, they can then advocate their own expensive repair or construction services. While not every construction company offers structural assessments, and not all those that do are dishonest, this can still be seen as a conflict of interest. 

Beryl Project Engineering is not a construction company, nor are we beholden to any construction company. We offer completely neutral and unbiased structural assessments on roofs, retaining walls, foundations, beams, piers, slab-on-grade projects, and more. Our objective assessments point out any discovered defects and their causes, as well as outlining the next action necessary to remedy each defect. 

Objective, Professional Tampa Structural Assessments

When you need reliable, objective, and professional structural assessments for any size residential or commercial project in Tampa or the surrounding cities or counties, Beryl Project Engineering can help. Beryl has licensed and certified inspectors who provide easy-to-read reports, and have more than 15 years of experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you.