Expired Permits Hillsborough County| Checking Permit History before Buying a Home


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | When buying a home, house-hunters usually have the same concerns. Location, size, condition, price and comparisons are at the front of your mind. Oftentimes, the subject of permits falls behind on your home’s “must have” list.

We’re going to talk about why checking the permit history of a home is essential to both the buyer and the seller of the house.  


Miscommunication with Contractors

Homeowners may aspire to renovate an outdated space. They might hire a contractor to do work that requires permits. The contract will need to state if homeowner or contractor is responsible for filing the permits. Assuming the contractor will do this may lead to homeowners making changes to their house without approval.


After the renovations have been completed, another contract miscommunication may occur. Some contracts fail to establish who will order the final inspection. If a final inspection doesn’t occur within the permit’s 180 day term, homeowners could incur fees to renew the permit. This adds unnecessary costs to their renovation.


Home buyers in search of an updated home should keep these simple mistakes in mind. Sellers may have unknowingly made them. Mitigate the risk of purchasing a home with expired permits. Check with the city-planning department to make sure the home you’re interested in is in compliance.


How to Address Confusion about Expired Permits

Contact Beryl Project Engineering and Inspection if you discover you have purchased a home with expired permits in Hillsborough County. Upon reviewing your paperwork, Beryl can send their qualified inspectors to evaluate the renovations. They can determine the reason a permit remains expired, instead of closed out.


Once the issue with the permit becomes identified, Beryl can provide you a permit closure letter. You can take this to the Hillsborough County Permitting Department. From there you can take the next steps to officially close your expired permits Hillsborough County.