Expiring Permits in Hillsborough County | Types of Permits


Expiring Permits Hillsborough County | In an effort to verify that residential structures maintain standards of safety, Hillsborough County issues permits for residential construction, upgrades and installations. They have multiple locations for permitting offices. The county also provides information on their website regarding changes in code requirements and building fees.


We’re going to talk about the different kinds of permits available to you in your county. We will also discuss when they expire, and what to do if your permit remains open.


Types of Permits


There are different permits that you or your contractor will obtain for your qualifying home projects. Typically, most will fall under the “Building-Stand Alone” category. Those permits include the following:


  • Electrical Permit
  • Gas Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • POS Backflow Assembly Permit
  • Roofing Permit
  • Sign Permit


General building permits apply to anyone having the goal of constructing, enlarging, altering, moving, repairing or changing the use of a residential structure.


Expired Permits in Hillsborough County


In Hillsborough County permits expire 180 days after they are issued.  Sometimes, permits are left open because contractors failed to have a final inspection. Additionally, appropriate paperwork must be filed to close the job. In the time that a permit remains open, building codes can change. This opens up the potential for the work to have to be redone before closing.


This circumstance requires a homeowner to obtain a permit closure letter after getting a final inspection on the home. This letter will prove that all work was completed according to code at the time of the permit’s issuance. If you need help with drafting a permit closure letter for a permit that has been rendered open, Beryl can help. Beryl Engineering & Inspection will provide the final inspection and file the appropriate paperwork so you are no longer held back from new house projects or listing your home for sale.