Home Inspections | Home Buying 101 – Who Pays for a Home Inspection?

Home Inspections | Expenses can quickly add up when buying a home. Buying a home is likely to be the biggest
single purchase of your life. Many new home buyers try to save money at every turn but are disappointed to learn that it will be their responsibility to pay for a home inspection. Since home inspections exist to protect the buyer and not the seller, it only makes sense that the buyer should foot the bill.

Don’t Be Tempted to Skip Out
When a prospective buyer learns that the cost of the home inspection will be their responsibility, there may be a temptation to skip it altogether and just go ahead with the deal. You probably don’t need us to tell you that this is a bad idea. It is important at this point to step back and take a big picture view of the situation. Home inspections tend to cost a few hundred dollars while homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are going to make such a significant investment you want to do everything possible to make sure that investment is sound. Spending a relatively small amount of money upfront to have the home professionally inspected is the obvious choice.

It’s All About Planning
Paying for a home inspection is something you should simply expect as part of the process of buying a house. If you are planning on this expense going into the process you won’t be caught off guard and be tempted to pass on having the inspection performed. Make sure that a home inspection is part of your budget as it is a crucial part of buying a home. You will be happy that you spent the money in case a home inspection comes back negative and you end up not purchasing the home.

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