Expired Permits | Home Buying 101 – The Difference Between an Appraisal and an Inspection

Expired Permits | You might be a little bit confused by the differences between a home appraisal and inspection.
They may seem like the same services but are actually quite different. Those home buyers who
need a FHA certified home inspector can contact Beryl Engineering Inspection for service in
the great Tampa area.

The Role of an Inspection
A prospective home buyer may (and should) bring in a home inspector to have the property
evaluated thoroughly. This inspection will analyze the condition of the home in a detailed
manner while providing insight into how the house is functioning as a whole. The main systems
of your home like the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing will be evaluated. Other areas of the
home will be inspected as well like the attic, crawlspace or basement, and foundation. Home
inspections give the prospective buyer peace of mind about purchasing a sound property. The
inspection can also detail the improvements and fixes needed so the buyer can renegotiate the
price accordingly.

The Role of an Appraisal
An appraisal is required by the bank when the prospective home buyer wants to take out a
mortgage in order to complete the purchase. The lender is generally the one who brings in the
appraiser in order to determine a reasonable value for the home. This verifies that the bank is
not lending too much on a given loan. While the appraiser will take an overview of the condition of the property, the review is not nearly as thorough as what will be done by a
professional home inspector.

Having the home you would like to purchase appraised is not the same thing as having it
inspected. For FHA certified home inspectors you can trust, contact Beryl Engineering
Inspection right away.