FHA Home Inspections | Not Required – But They Are a Good Decision

FHA Home Inspections | You will stand to benefit in a number of ways if you are thinking of taking out an FHA loan for
the purchase of your home. Specifically, the down payment requirement on an FHA loan tends
to be lower than a traditional mortgage which makes homeownership possible for more young
individuals and families. Check out these reasons why a home inspection is always a good idea
when an FHA loan is involved:

Don’t Make a Big Mistake
It is a mistake to think that you shouldn’t purchase a home inspection since one is not
technically required to close an FHA loan. You never know what could be lurking behind the
walls of a home or even what may be lurking in plain sight. Bringing in an FHA certified home
inspector to review the home and provide a detailed report is a valuable step to take. This is
almost certainly the biggest purchase you have made in your life so there is no reason to take
any chances.

You Can’t Trust Your Eyes
Some prospective home buyers think they can skip out on an inspection because they’ve
walked through the home a couple times and everything looks fine. It can be easy to think that
everything looks great but make sure to always trust the expertise of a trained home inspector.
You don’t want to close the deal and move in only to find out about problems later .
As FHA certified home inspectors in the Tampa area, Beryl Project Engineering would be
happy to help you make a smart decision on the purchase of your first house.