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Manufactured Home Inspection | Owning a mobile home can be a much cheaper option than buying a traditional home. Mobile homes often also are referred to as manufactured homes because they are built offsite and then moved to wherever they are going to sit permanently. If you are looking to buy a mobile home, you should make sure your home inspector keeps an eye out for these common mobile defects.

Belly wrap problems

Mobile homes have a layer of plastic on their undersides called a belly wrap. This plastic is meant to keep out water, insects and rodents. This material can become damaged, either by someone doing repairs to plumbing or by the insects and animals it is attempting to keep out. Damaged belly wrap can allow insects and animals to enter the home and it also can allow animals to pull out sections of insulation. A good way to prevent this from happening is to install netting over the belly wrap.

Loose tie downs

Mobile homes are anchored to the ground by metal tie-down straps. When the ground underneath settles and moves, it can cause the tie-down straps to loosen up. This can cause a hazard in high winds or flooding, because it can make the house susceptible to movement. Making sure the site is well graded can help prevent this from happening.


Among the most common mobile home defects is leaks from either skylights or windows. This often is due to poor manufacturing, but it also can simply be because of the passage of time. Your inspector should be sure to look for any signs of old water damage, such as staining or discoloration, in these areas.

Though you may not need a home inspection to buy a mobile home, it’s worth it to have one done, and 203k Consultants can help you with the process.

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