Storm damage takes many forms. Although this might mean you get lucky and miss out on serious harm, it also means that some issues may be harder to notice than others.

It’s critical to understand the types of problems you now face thanks to the elements. Here’s how a qualified home inspector can help by performing structural condition assessments.

Using Your Homeowner’s Insurance
Having valid homeowner’s insurance is important. Even if your policy covers storm damage, however, it won’t automatically spring into action. First, you must file a claim, and this process demands preparation and research.

Insurance companies want to verify that your damage exists and is covered before they’ll pay you. In most cases, you’ll need to provide solid evidence, such as photographs, bills, and other paperwork. It’s far easier to get your hands on the information you require if you hire someone to conduct a formal home inspection.

Finding a Contractor
No matter where you live, there are dozens of repair contractors to choose from. Deciding which ones might serve your needs best requires that you understand exactly what you must fix. This is where licensed home inspectors play a huge role.

Home inspectors produce clear lists of all the individual problems that storms cause. They’re also willing to answer your questions about the best way to repair different items. When you have a game plan, you’re better equipped to move forward.

Surviving storm damage can be tough, but it’s even harder if you’re uninformed. Chatting with a home inspector might make it easier to get an insurance payout and perform repairs cost effectively. If you plan on selling your property down the line, then getting it inspected and fixing any problems could prove essential by making a buyer’s FHA, VA, or 203k home loan process simpler.

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