Roof Inspection | Whether they are buying a new home, selling the one they have, or would like to keep their house in great shape for years to come; people need to get home inspections when they want to avoid trouble. This article will cover common problems that our 203k consultants find when they inspect the roof of a home.

Flashing Problems
The metal that goes under the shingles in the valley and near the chimney is called flashing. Since it’s designed to stop water from getting under the shingles and leaking into a home, it’s important for homeowners to replace flashing when it shows signs of damage. That is one of the most common problems our home inspectors discover.

Faulty Gutters
The gutters on a roof that allow water to drain to the ground safely can become bent or clogged when people don’t take steps to prevent clogging. This issue can trap water on the roof and homeowners will likely face a leak if they don’t resolve it. Our home inspectors are not shocked when they see this common problem, and homeowners can prevent water damage by fixing faulty gutters as soon as they learn about them.

Worn Shingles
A roof’s shingles enhance the visual appeal of the home and play a vital role in stopping leaks from taking place. Most shingles can last for many years, but when shingles get old or become damaged, they won’t be able to do their job effectively, thus putting homeowners at risk for water damage. Our home inspectors will spot and alert residents to potential problems with their shingles before trouble strikes.

Final Thoughts
Those who want to buy or protect a home understand the importance of getting a home inspection. Our team will check the roof of a house to see if common red flags are present. They will also show people how to address the problem before it gets any worse.

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