Home Inspection | It’s vital for people to have a home inspector look at a house before they buy it or when they want to prevent problems from occurring. Finding an issue and getting it under control before it has time to progress will prevent it from worsening. Those who are buying a home will know what to expect when an inspector reviews the condition of the roof, foundation and the other parts of the home. Our team knows about the most common problems for which to look, so that they can keep buyers and homeowners stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Faulty Wiring
When our 203k consultants inspect a home for signs of damage, faulty wiring is one of the most common problems that they uncover. Wires that are not installed or protected properly can prevent lights and appliances from functioning, but they can also create a fire hazard. Most homeowners won’t know about the threat until it’s too late.

Poor Ventilation
When our team inspects homes for red flags, they often find poor ventilation. Over time, the vents in a building can get damaged, which will prevent them from doing their job. Vents are needed to maintain proper air flow and prevent mold growth. When someone’s vents have issues that impact their performance we will let the homeowner know about the problem.

Foundation Damage
A home’s foundation is vital when it comes to safety and stability, but many homes have cracked damaged or worn foundations. Homeowners and consumers should learn about trouble with the foundation quickly if their goal is to find a viable solution before the issue progresses.

Water Damage
Water damage is another problem that our home inspectors commonly spot when they check houses for complications. In many cases, bent or clogged gutters allow rain to get into and flood the basement, but poor grading and blocked drains can also contribute to water damage.

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