Radon Poisoning | A home inspection is vital for evaluation a property as it helps in the home selling and buying process. We always recommend to our clients that it is better to have a home inspection than just for them to look around their homes themselves. Occasionally, we get asked about radon gas. This is especially true from out of town buyers. While, we don’t inspect for radon gas, we still wanted to share information with you so you can be better informed when speaking with your out of town buyers about radon gas.

Radon is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas, the concentration of which can be high in a property. Since exposure to this radioactive gas can cause fatal health conditions like lung cancer, it can actually affect the price of the property. To know more about the radon gas poisoning, its destructive effects on health, and how to prevent, check out this infographic from PropertEco now or copy/paste http://www.properteco.co.uk/dangers-radon/ in your browser window.