Home Inspection | Older homes have lots of charm, and they often are much more spacious than newer homes. Many people desire to live in older homes because of the quaint feeling that they have when they enter the house. Unfortunately, since the home is older, it can have lots of damage to the foundation and throughout the rest of the home. Before buying an older home, one should be sure to look out for termite damage and structural issues.

Structural Issues
A large piece of an older home that must be inspected is the foundation or structure. Since the home was erected or added to many years earlier, there could potentially be damage to the foundation. This damage could have been caused by termites or natural disasters. A home inspector, like Beryl Project Engineering, can determine if there are foundation issues, and if so, the potential homeowner can begin to get quotes on how much it will cost to repair the foundation.

Termite Damage
If there is one pest that can cause an extensive amount of damage, that pest would have to be termites. Since an older home will probably be a wooden home, this will be a breeding ground for termites. Before purchasing the home, a person must have a termite inspection. The inspector can determine if there is any damage, and if so, he can let the potential homeowner know exactly how much damage there is. Once determined, it is important to begin the treatment immediately.
An older home offers lots of charm for the owner, but before one is purchased, it is important to have a thorough inspection conducted.

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