What are the areas covered by a home inspector during a house inspection?

VA Home Inspector | A VA home inspector needs to be equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and the ability to gauge the details of a house without taking a lot of time or asking too many of questions.

So how do VA inspectors actually go about inspecting the house?

It is imperative to know about the areas a VA home inspector would look into while you accompany him/her for the inspection of a house you wish to buy.

Cracks to monitor: The cracks in the concrete might be minor sometimes, and the VA home inspector may also overlook them. But the deepened ones going in horizontal and vertical dimensions are to be watched out for. It also indicates that there have been gaps in the maintenance regiment. If the cracks are very wide, it is time for repairs.

Get the frontal picture: Your VA home inspector will not directly look into the discreet corners, but they will start with an overall analysis of the house. The inspectors will start from the front towards the yard, rooftop, sides, etc. This gives the VA home inspector access to the basic areas and gives a glimpse into the woodwork, leakages, electrical systems, heating systems, etc.

Utilities: A VA home inspector has to check all the utilities, and the functioning of them to ensure there are no dangers of any kind for the buyer. This means to look into the heating system, the sewerage, water system, fireplaces, electrical outlets, etc. It is ideal to get into a discussion with your professional inspector to get a clear picture of what’s right and what isn’t. The inspector will also have a look at floors, ceilings, walls, plumbing fixtures, etc.

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