Questions To Ask Your FHA Home Inspector

Home Inspector | Buying any house is not an easy job. Little does it matter how well furnished or maintained your home is. There are always some issues that lurk just out of a layman’s sight. It’s important to select an expert FHA home inspector and engineer.

Here are some questions you can ask your FHA home inspector, before you hire them. This is essential because not all inspectors would thoroughly inspect your potential home, and all the defects it might come along with.

Do you hold an inspection organization’s professional membership?

Here’s the reality: The professional FHA home inspectors are members of some well-reputed organizations. For instance, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and the National Association of Home Inspectors are some examples.

The inspection organizations have been certified, and they hold a license with a membership card as well. Once they are members, they are naturally required to follow all quality ethics while carrying out inspections.

Tell me about your professional background and experience?

Even if some FHA home inspectors hold the membership and certificates, that doesn’t mean they will be experts. For judging their expertise, you should look at some best qualities that they must have. Background experience is extremely important if you want to go for the appeal of purchasing an old home that has distinct “charm.”

Many FHA home inspectors find faults, which other inspectors often overlook. Running checks on their reputations and customer service is always a good idea via reviews online.

How long with your inspection last?

On an average scale, your hired inspectors’ home inspection should last for two to three hours. If you have a large property to inspect, this process can take much longer than 4 hours. So, keep in mind not to hire an FHA home inspector who drops in and out within just one or two hours.

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