House Inspection

House Inspection | Whether you are buying a new property or are looking to have your existing property examined, you should know a few basic things about house inspection. The following are elements of a property that a good house inspector must inspect.


The first thing a house inspector should check are the walls for cracks and damage. They should also inform you if your walls are too close to the soil since that can trigger wood damage by pests.


They should also check the gradient of the house to see if it is sloping away from the house or not. If the gradients are not proper, water damage can occur. The problem can be solved by installing proper drainage system.


A good house inspection also includes checking the garage for proper ventilation to avoid any case of carbon monoxide poisoning. A house inspector will also check the doors of the garage as well as other factors to ensure safety.


It is also the duty of a house inspector to check the house roof for any kind of damage. Broken shingles and damaged roofing can allow the water to enter the house increasing the chances of further damage.


A house inspection includes checking the faucets, showers, and other plumbing fixtures for any kind of leakage. Therefore, we check all these things as well as the type of pipes, which are used. We will inform you when the pipes should be changed or reexamined.

Electrical Framework

We send house inspectors that are experienced enough to check the electrical framework of a house to the customer’s satisfaction. This will include checking the wires and ensuring that the fault circuit interrupters in the ground are functioning properly.

HVAC Functioning

Our home inspector will also check the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in a customer’s house for proper functionality. Our inspectors will be estimating the age of the unit and will provide recommendations for repairing if required.

These are the most important things a good house inspection team will check. Beryl Project Engineering will provide you with all these features in the excellent possible way. Contact us at (813) 358-0412.