203K Consultant

The role of a 203K consultant is versatile. We are engaged from initializing the process for acquiring the loan for the residential home construction project, up until the funds are granted and the work completed. Here is a brief list of how the project management is done by a 203k consultant:

  1. Drafts out the Necessary Renovation Work 

Firstly, the consultant conducts a thorough home inspection and determines all the essential repair work that needs to be done. Then, the 203K consultant prepares a write up that breaks down the renovation cost estimates per repair work required.

  1. Prepares Documents for Bids 

The bidding documents are also prepared by the 203K consultants. Finding the right contractor who will be eligible, as per the 203K loan requirements is a challenging task for the borrowers. Therefore, the consultants make sure that the requests for proposals have a stringent and appropriate framework. Advertising for the contractors and short listing of viable contractors also lies within the scope of the project management services of 203K consultants.

  1. 203K Consultant Analyzes the Contractor Bids 

The consultant scrutinizes the bids received by the contractors carefully. They make sure that the prepared cost estimates are reasonable. They also ascertain whether the contractor can meet the project completion deadlines or not.

  1. Monitors the Progress 

The consultants monitor the progress of the project throughout the duration of the construction work. They act as an intermediary between the lender, borrowers, and the contractors. They ensure the borrowers that the work is being done at the right price and timing.

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